Chara Programs in Friendswood

Toddler Classes

Movement classes start at 9 months with a combination of parent and teacher instruction. As dancers gain confidence and independence they can progress to Tippy Toes class as early as 2 years old.






Bloom Fine Arts

Chara’s curriculum based bridge program for children 3-6 years old. Kids discover their creativity and develop a love for learning through visual arts, music, and movement.






Summer Camps

Chara’s themed 4-day Summer Camps are a hit every year! Each camp consists of dance instruction, crafts, games, activities, a character lesson all tied into the theme. We close out each camp with a short performance for families on the last day.





Children's Classes

Beginner Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes are available for dancers ages 3 – 6 with the added option of Hip Hop for 5 & 6 year olds.  Students progress with fellow dancers their age.






Chara Company

Is your dancer looking for additional performance opportunities? Do they want to dance competitively at the next level? Learn more about Chara team auditions and opportunities with our Competitive Companies, Chara Crew and Friendswood Contemporary Ballet.




Summer Classes

Continue your dance training throughout the summer where the focus is on the skills and technique that will prepare you for the upcoming season! Summer is the perfect opportunity to try a new genre of dance and for new families to try classes at Chara.





Training Tracks

Chara offers dance classes in 7 different genres for students ages 7+. Evaluations are conducted bi-annually allowing each dancer to progress through levels at their own personal rate.






Special Needs Classes

Darby’s Dancers and DanceABILITIES are programs available to Chara students with special needs who want to experience the JOY of dance at no additional cost to families.





Music Lessons

Music lessons consist of weekly 30 minute one-on-one music lessons with one of Chara’s fantastic instructors. Learn piano, acoustic guitar, voice, bass guitar, ukulele, or banjo!