Private Lessons

Private lessons are an opportunity for dancers to receive one-on-one individualized attention from a teacher to meet their personal goals. Dancers can attend Private lessons once, recurring weekly or bi-weekly. These are especially beneficial for dancers who need additional help with choreography in preparation for an upcoming performance or preparing for an audition.

● One-on-one instruction with a teacher virtually or in studio based on time and availability

● No End of Year Performance

● One time, Recurring weekly, and Biweekly class options available

● Instruction time can be tailored to achieve your personal goals whether it be technique, mastering a skill or as a substitute for a traditional class.

Why Private Lessons


  • Improve your technique
  • Build confidence
  • Master leaps and turns
  • Prepare for upcoming auditions
  • Increase flexibility

Lessons can be scheduled in 30, 45, or 60-minute increments.


$40   |   30 Minute Lesson:  Ages 5 and up

$60   |   45 Minute Lesson:  Level I dancer and up

$80   |   60 Minute Lessons:  A dancer working on multiple aspects such as – perfecting their leaps, practicing choreography, and improving flexibility.

How to Book

Please see faculty members link for their specialties and availability. Then simply book on their page for one or more lessons at a time.  Price is prorated if booking for 30 mins or 45 mins.  Fees are charged to the family’s account upon booking. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours prior will only be refunded 50%. There will be no credits or refunds for “no shows”.


Ms. Meghan

Ms. Nicole

Ms. Leisha

Ms. Ashlynn

Ms. Grace

Ms. Madison

Mr. Josh

Ms. Dominique

Ms. Casey

Ms. Joslyn

Ms. Anna