Dance Instructors

Written by Nicole Mueller, Director of Companies


A child’s first dance class comes with a lot of NEW. A new room, new teacher, new wardrobe, and new friends. It is common for children to have a hard time with all of the NEW, especially when it comes at a time when students are asked to do it independently, without mom and dad.

Often times new dancers can get overwhelmed and express this through acting out or crying. Parents, let us assure you, tears are OKAY. Most of the time it is due to the discomfort of change and our teachers at Chara recognize that this is part of the process and are completely okay with a few tears.

We ask that you take a moment to consider just how resilient your child is. So often we want to step in and comfort them when in fact, this is a great opportunity for the dance teacher to establish trust with your child. This is beneficial later in the dance year if students are trying a new skill and are struggling. The student and teacher will have established that bond giving your child the confidence that their teacher is there to support, instruct, and guide them.

In addition to the dancers, we ask that our parents trust the teachers and their training. The teachers at Chara want to partner with you and create the best experience for your child, but sometimes that is after a few tears. The most important thing is that the dancer succeeds, has fun, and continues to grow.

Tears are okay. They are short lived and are a stepping stone in your child’s development. So let the tears fall and watch your child adapt and experience all that dance has to offer.


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