October 4th 6:30pm | Dance Directions Meeting

October 5th | Camp Creative – Zoorific

October 14th – 19th | Buy Your Way Out of Dress Code

October 27th | Halloween in the Park

October 28th – November 2nd | Fall Progress Report Week

November 2nd | Camp Creative – Royal Princess Ball

November 8th – 10th | Dance Revolution

November 23rd | Parent Teacher Conferences

November 25th – December 1st | Studio Closed for Thanksgiving

December 7th | Snowflake Showcase

December 9th – 14th | Cookies and Cocoa Week

December 14th | Santa in the Park

December 16th – 21st | Parent Participation Week

December 21st | Camp Creative – Christmas Jingle Jam

December 23rd – January 4th | Studio Closure for Christmas and New Years

December 23rd – January 4th | Studio Closure for Christmas and New Years

January 4th | Winter Workshop

January 6th | Spring Dance Classes Begin

January 18th | Camp Creative – Twirling Trolls

February 8th | Father/Daughter Dance Event

February 15th | Parent/Dancer Hip Hop Event

February 22nd | Camp Creative – Puppy Patrol

February 28th – March 5th | Alterations Week

February 28th – March 5th | Alterations Week

March 7th | FCB Master Class (Tentative)

March 9th – 13th | Studio Closed for Spring Break

March 14th – 20th | Student Appreciation Week

March 21st | Camp Creative – Tropical Adventure

March 21st – April 3rd | Recital Picture Weeks

April 4th | Ballet Exams

April 6th | Recital Tickets on Sale

April 10th – 12th | Studio Closed for Good Friday and Easter Weekend

April 18th | Camp Creative Rainbow Unicorn

April 25th | Father/Daughter & Parent/Dancer Review

May 1st |
Dress Rehearsal #1 – 7:00pm

May 2nd | 
Dress Rehearsal #2 – 9:00am
Dress Rehearsal #3 – 11:00am
Dress Rehearsal #4 – 1:00pm
Dress Rehearsal #5 – 3:00pm
Dress Rehearsal #6 – 5:00pm
Dress Rehearsal #7 – 7:00pm

May 1st |
Recital #1 – 7:00pm

May 2nd | 
Recital #2 – 9:00am
Recital #3 – 11:00am
Recital #4 – 1:00pm
Recital #5 – 3:00pm
Recital #6 – 5:00pm
Recital #7 – 7:00pm

May 16th | Last Day of Dance Classes

May 16th | Music Recital Rehearsal

May 17th |
Music Recital #1 – 2:00pm
Music Recital #2 – 4:00pm

May 23rd | Company Auditions

May 25th | Studio Closed

Upcoming Dance Revolution Conventions

dance revolution


Dancers ages 6 – 9 is $225

Dancers ages 10+ is $235

This will be Chara Christian Dance Academy’s 14th year attending Dance Revolution in Dallas as a studio.  Chara dancers age 6 and up are welcome to join us for this weekend event that will leave you inspired, motivated and ready to take on new challenges in dance.  For 2 and a half days, dancers will attend classes and events that will energize their passion for dance and strengthen our Chara dance family.


Drop off Hip Hop Convention


$145 per dancer

This is Chara’s first year attending DR’s one day Hip Hop Convention, Drop Off.  Dancers will take classes including Tribal Funk, Old School Hip HOp, Breaking, Popping and Locking, Freestyle, Step and more.  The group will conclude the day with a unique underground finale including a raw worship experience!  Don’t miss out!!