Music Lesson Availability

Private Music Lessons

Chara Christian Dance Academy has a thriving music department with over 100 students and 5 instructors!  Students receive one-on-one 30 minute private music instruction with one of our highly qualified instructors.  Our instructors help their students develop their skills throughout the year, leading up to their 2 recital performance opportunities.  


Chara currently offers private lessons in the following arts:

●   Piano   ●   Guitar   ●   Voice   ●   Ukelele   ●   Bass Guitar   ●   Banjo

Performance Opportunities

Chara holds 2 music recitals; one around Christmas and another at the end of the season. Students who have shown progress and dedication to their studies are invited to perform one piece at either Recital to demonstrate their growth. Recitals are performed at Friendswood Friends Church. At each recital we offer the opportunity to contribute to a selected charity in lieu of purchasing tickets.

Chara Christian Dance Academy’s Music Department is incredibly blessed with multi-talented, award-winning instructors teaching to the highest musical standards.  With backgrounds in multiple musical disciplines and decades of experience working with children, our teachers bring excellence and high expectations for all students.  


We are proud to include certified classroom music teachers, professional touring stage musicians, and piano performance majors among our staff. Our dedicated team is eager to work with your student in building musicianship, performance skills, and an appreciation of music.