Experience the Joy of Dance from Home

Chara On Demand

At Chara Christian Dance Academy, we know that our students want to reach their full potential to achieve their individual goals, whether it be advancing technique, joining company, making the drill team or incorporating more creativity in their movement.  In order to do that, dancers will need additional support and instructional time. The problem is this can be hard to fit into your current lifestyle and schedule making them feel stagnant.


We believe that quality dance instruction should be accessible  to everyone and through various methods. Given this past year, we know students are struggling to take their dance to the next level, which is why we developed Chara Dance OnDemand; to provide convenient supplemental dance instruction to our students with the same level of expert instruction and uplifting values you would receive at the studio.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Click on the link below to enroll in the course of your choice and access the prerecorded lessons for a one time investment of $47.95 (only $4 per month).


  • Each 40 minute lesson will build upon the foundation of the last, following a developing syllabus aligned with what they are learning in class.

Course Descriptions


Fundamentals of Ballet     A young dancers introduction to ballet with a developing syllabus designed to cultivate a love for dance while teaching the fundamentals of ballet technique. Chara dancers enrolled in Primary/Beginning Ballet and Ballet I


Fundamentals of Jazz     An introduction class to Jazz technique for young dancers. Each class will focus on improving the dancer’s strength, flexibility, and body control while learning and mastering basic jazz skills. Chara dancers enrolled in Primary Jazz and Jazz I.


Elements of Hip Hop    Each lesson will focus on a different element of the Hip Hop dance style while learning about its history and evolution. By the end of the course, students will be set with all the key knowledge and essential skills to be successful in Hip Hop.


Advancing in Ballet    For ballet dancers looking to build upon, continue, and advance their ballet skills. From barre work, to center work, to traveling movement, this course will work to cultivate a love for dance while continuing to build a foundation for technique.


Advancing in Jazz      This jazz course will focus on improving strength, flexibility, and dance technique while learning a variety of turns and leaps. Each lesson will include warmup, stretching, isolations, conditioning, progressions, and skill combinations.


Vinyasa Yoga     Dynamically linking poses together to create a vinyasa flow. Integration of yogic pranayama (breathwork) is used throughout all yoga flows. The class covers balance poses, inversions, backbends and integrates building strength and stretch.

On Demand Benefits


  • CONVENIENCE:  Bring the fantastic Chara teachers and experience into your home at a time and location that works with your family’s busy schedule. Morning, evening, night… you can watch your 3 classes per month WHENEVER and as FREQUENTLY as you would like!


  • LOCATION:  Word has gotten out about the fantastic staff, instruction, and environment that Chara brings to children. For some, Friendswood is not close to home. Through On Demand we can now supply the Chara experience to anyone across the country.


  • HOME SCHOOL:  Although Chara offers many day time and evening classes for Homeschool students, some prefer to participate remotely. Any number of siblings can take class(es) together, and seamlessly incorporate it into your Homeschool schedule.


  • HIGH RISK:  Some families need to be extra careful and are avoiding social gatherings at this time. Chara On Demand will give your dancer the instruction and direction they need without exposing them to a studio environment.